Monday, 2 June 2014

Pottermore’s ‘Route to the Final’ is now available to download!

The first round of the 2014 Quidditch World Cup has come to an end, and what an action-packed start to the tournament it proved to be! Ginny Potter’s reports for the Daily Prophet have captured all the action from the Patagonian Desert, including disputed results, disqualifications, fouls, accusations of skullduggery and one epic match that lasted three days.

Click here to find out when each of the eight remaining teams will face their opponents.

With the quarter-final line up and scheduled dates now in place, you can follow the action all the way to the final with Pottermore’s ‘Route to the Final’. Why not fill in the results as you discover them? Download and print the ‘Route to the Final’ wall chart in your chosen format below, and plot the path of the remaining teams as they enter the final stages of the tournament.

Download and print the ‘Route to the Final’ wall chart

Available as a PNG or JPG file, the ‘Route to the Final’ is available to download now!

If your team has been knocked out – or failed to qualify for the tournament – then why not adopt another team to support? With the recent return of Viktor Krum many wizards are choosing to support Bulgaria, but which team would you choose? Vote in our poll, tell us on Facebook, if you have an account, or on Twitter using the hashtag #QuidditchWorldCup!