Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Rematch Badge - second time’s a charm…

It’s never fun to be beaten in a duel against another witch or wizard but perseverance in this situation now pays off.

The latest Pottermore Badge – the Rematch Badge – will be rewarded to users who, despite losing a duel, are then able to defeat their adversary in a rematch - added motivation for those who are already duelling determinedly to help their house achieve victory in the upcoming House Cup Championship.

In order to earn your Rematch Badge you need to ensure that you challenge your opponent to a rematch – and win – in the same login session during which they defeated you.

Wands at the ready…

Good luck!

Le dernier badge de Pottermore, le badge Revanche, récompensera les utilisateurs qui, malgré un duel perdu, seront immédiatement capables de prendre leur revanche sur leur adversaire... Bonne chance !

Il nuovo distintivo di Pottermore - il distintivo Rivincita - sarà assegnato agli utenti che, pur perdendo un duello, riescono immediatamente a sconfiggere l'avversario in una rivincita... Buona fortuna!

Das neueste Abzeichen bei Pottermore – das Rückkampf-Abzeichen – belohnt Nutzer, die nach einem verlorenen Duell denselben Gegner in einem unmittelbaren Rückkampf bezwingen können ... Viel Glück!

La última insignia de Pottermore, "Revancha", premiará a los jugadores que logren vencer a su adversario en una revancha inmediatamente después de caer derrotados un duelo. ¡Buena suerte!