Sunday, 9 March 2014

Happy birthday Professor Trelawney!

This year we hope Professor Trelawney can take some time out from predicting the death of her students to celebrate her birthday, which we’re almost certain even she could foresee.

We’re celebrating Trelawney’s birthday by putting your knowledge of the great Seer to the test with a question we hope you won’t need the Sight to answer: What word is missing from the quote below?

 ‘I would think,’ she said, in a mystical whisper that did not conceal her obvious annoyance, ‘that some of us’ – she stared very meaningfully at Harry – ‘might be a little less _______ had they seen what I have seen, during my crystal-gazing last night.’

[Updated: The missing word was "Frivolous"]
Happy birthday Sybill Trelawney!