Monday, 31 March 2014

Ravenclaw soars to victory in the fifth Pottermore House Cup Championship

On Sunday March 30, the Great Hall saw the eagle soar over the three other houses for the first time in Pottermore House Cup history. Blue and bronze shone brightly in the Great Hall and Ravenclaw members were in high spirits.

It has been another competitive House Cup competition, but by the time the house points were concealed, Ravenclaw enjoyed a healthy lead of more than 200,000 points over Slytherin. The Slytherins tried with all their might but were unable to close the gap, leaving Ravenclaw with their first win!

If you happened to miss the award ceremony, you’ll find it below:

As members of other houses acknowledged, it was a thoroughly deserved win. Proof of how committed the Ravenclaws were to winning can be found in the example set by RiverNimbus11252, the Ravenclaw who earned the most house points of any member during the fifth House Cup Championship. Ravenclaw’s commitment to winning the House Cup was also evident in the many quirky and creative videos they created for house pride week – perhaps these inspired fellow house members to work extra hard for those important house points.

The Pottermore team would like to congratulate Ravenclaw for their unfaltering determination to win their first Pottermore House Cup Championship. The question now is: will they be able to retain it? Points were re-set on Sunday, and house members can already be found raising their wands and concocting potions. Your efforts throughout the coming months will decide the winners of the sixth Pottermore House Cup Championship. Will you help your house to victory?