Friday, 14 March 2014

Are you ready for the Pottermore house pride week?

Next Monday will mark the beginning of house pride week, a chance for members of all houses to celebrate, more than ever, the pride of belonging to their Hogwarts house. The exact dates for each house are below:

Thursday March 20 – Hufflepuff (#HufflepuffPride)
Friday March 21 – Slytherin (#SlytherinPride)
Saturday March 22 – Gryffindor (#GryffindorPride)
Sunday March 23 – Ravenclaw (#RavenclawPride)

You can get involved in this house pride week in several ways:

Submit a drawing on celebrating your house pride and earn points on to help your house to victory
Shout your pride out loud in the Great Hall and your common room

And for our older users:

Shout your pride out loud on Twitter
Submit your own video

Celebrate your house pride day by submitting creative drawings on, for a chance to have it featured as part of the best of house pride week.

Don't forget to keep earning those house points by brewing and duelling. The points could be crucial in helping your house win the Cup on March 30!

If you need help to sharpen your brewing and duelling skills, you’ll find helpful tutorials created by members of the Pottermore community here.

We’ll be on the lookout for house pride comments in the Great Hall and in the  common rooms on, and we’ll showcase our favourite on the Insider. If you're in need of inspiration, you'll find below some of our favourite messages from the last house pride week.


If you’re over 13 and have a Twitter account, why not answer our question ‘What makes you be proud to be a member of your house?’ including the hashtag #HufflepuffPride / #SlytherinPride / #GryffindorPride / #RavenclawPride in your tweet. We will retweet our favourite answers and we invite you to retweet your favourite ones too!

This year we’ve got an invitation for those of you who are 13 years or older: Create a short video on YouTube or Instagram creatively completing the following sentence:

“Hi Pottermore community, I am proud to be a Hufflepuff / Slytherin / Gryffindor / Ravenclaw because…”

Make sure you tag your YouTube or Instagram post with #Pottermore and #HufflepuffPride, #SlytherinPride, #GryffindorPride or #RavenclawPride in order for us to see them. During your house’s day we’ll be looking for videos and showcasing the most creative ones on Pottermore’s Twitter, YouTube and, Facebook pages, and also on the Pottermore Insider!

Remember you are representing your house, so make sure you don’t do or share anything that a Head of House would not approve of!

Important: When creating your video remember:
  • Not to share any personal details that could allow others to identify you, including Pottermore usernames!
  • You need to be 13 years or older to have a Youtube or Instagram account. Younger users can enjoy the celebrations by commenting in the common room and Great Hall and submitting creative drawings on
  • If you visit YouTube or Instagram, you are leaving the safety of the Pottermore community. Remember to always remain safe when online, go to for further information and advice.  
If you would like a little inspiration ahead of house pride week, you can find an example video below.

Get ready to celebrate your house’s pride day and share your creativity with fellow members of the Pottermore community!