Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Uploading a drawing on

Every day, we receive lots of fantastic fan art from members of the Pottermore community. Whether you depict Dementors, dragons, Dungbombs or the Dursleys, your creativity never fails to amaze us, and the other members of the Pottermore community.

We want to encourage more of you to upload your artistic creations, so we have put together a quick guide on how to upload your artwork on, in case there’s any confusion.

Step 1: Express your creativity! 

Whether you use coloured pencils and paper, highlighter pens, charcoal or a computer programme, we want to see your depiction of absolutely anything from the Harry Potter stories, or from

For instance, here’s a depiction of Fred and George submitted by QueenStorm18649.

You can upload drawings of characters, places, objects, books, spells and creatures on their specific pages on The more imaginative and original, the better!

Step 2: Make sure the file is not too big

Scan your drawing, or take a digital photo of it, and make sure the file matches one of these formats: PNG, GIF, JPG/JPEG. Make sure that the file is less than 5 megabytes in size, or it won’t upload (if the file is larger, there are some programmes available that will help shrink it).

Then save the file onto your computer. Make sure you remember where you save it, as you’ll need to find it later when you’re on

Step 3: Upload your creation! 

Now your creation is ready to be uploaded to, and you only need to go to the page that matches the character, place, object, spell or creature that you have depicted. For instance, if you’ve drawn a picture of Professor Dumbledore, you can find any chapter where he appears under the list of characters you can read about (like this one). Then click on Professor Dumbledore to view the page all about him.

Scroll to the bottom of the Professor Dumbledore page, where you will find the Drawings and pictures section. You will notice the ‘Add a drawing’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the page.

Click on it, and then click on ‘Browse’ to browse the files on your computer and find your drawing.

Once you’ve uploaded your drawing to, it will be sent to our team of moderators so that they can check that it follows the moderation guidelines, so don’t worry if you can’t see your picture in the gallery right away –  they will try to review it as soon as possible! Once your picture has been checked, it will appear on the page alongside all the other great drawings submitted by your fellow Pottermore community members!


If your image is not appearing in the gallery, it could be because our moderation team cannot accept the image. To help avoid this, we’ve outlined the top reasons why images might not pass moderation below:

- If the picture submitted is a photograph of a person, object or place
- If the image contains the real name of the person who drew it (Please do use your Pottermore username instead, if you’d like)

So, what are you waiting for? 

Show us your creativity by uploading your drawings and pictures on for other members of the Pottermore community to enjoy!