Monday, 15 April 2013

Announcing house pride week and the third House Cup

As we recently announced on, the winner of the next Pottermore House Cup will soon be announced. In the run up to this, we will dedicate one day to each of the four houses in our house pride week.

What is house pride week?

House pride week is the week to express the pride of belonging to your house and celebrate each house’s history, ghost and professors, as well as enjoy some of the great house-themed artwork submitted by the Pottermore community.

We will be celebrating each of the houses for a day here on the Pottermore Insider, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter account, so make sure you don’t miss your house’s day:

Tuesday April 16 - Gryffindor
Wednesday April 17 - Slytherin
Thursday April 18 - Hufflepuff
Friday April 19 - Ravenclaw

What is the Pottermore House Cup?

This is the third Pottermore House Cup – a friendly contest between the four houses who compete to earn the most house points and win the Pottermore House Cup. Points can be earned by successfully brewing a potion or winning a duel and the house  with the most points is named the winner.

This contest’s winner will be revealed on Thursday April 25 (and the hour-glasses will be concealed from Tuesday April 23 until the winner is announced).

Slytherin’s ambition helped them to secure victory in the first Pottermore House Cup, and Gryffindor boldly battled their way to winning the second (which is why the Gryffindor crest is currently accompanied by the Pottermore House Cup Badge in the Great Hall).

The winners of the third Pottermore House Cup will not only go down in Pottermore history, but will be rewarded with a Pottermore Badge that will later be collectible on Details of this Badge will be revealed upon the announcement of the third Pottermore House Cup winner.