Monday, 7 January 2013

Vote for your favourite Snape quote and prepare for a week of Severus...

This week is all about Severus Snape, Harry’s curiously antagonistic Potions teacher.

From the moment Harry meets Snape in his first year of Hogwarts, he forms a strong dislike for the punishing and severe professor. However, whilst Harry detests the Hogwarts Potions master, we know that many of you are firm fans.

Today, we’re asking you to place your votes for the most memorable quote from Snape. Books One and Two, and the first section of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are available to explore on, so we’ve taken quotations from those first three books. What are your favourite lines; which quote do you think sums up his character the most?

The results will be revealed this Friday, so get voting now for your winning quote.

We’ll also be testing your knowledge of Snape throughout the week with quizzes and sharing your fanart, so return to the Insider for more. If you’ve got a Facebook or Twitter account, take part in our Snape week there too.