Sunday, 13 January 2013

The answers to our Snape quiz questions and some of our favourite Snape fan art…

If you follow our Twitter or Facebook pages, you may have taken on our Severus Snape quiz questions this past week and seen some of our chosen Snape fan art from the Pottermore Galleries. We’re now sharing the answers to those questions, and the fan art here on the Insider.

If you haven’t done so already, take on the Snape quiz questions to test your knowledge. If you’ve already answered them on our Facebook and Twitter pages, you can now check your answers further down this article.

Question One:
What colour are Snape’s eyes?

Question Two:
In 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', Professor Snape keeps Harry behind after a Potions lesson to scrape what off the desks?

Question Three:
How many house points does Snape take off Harry in his first ever Potions lesson?

Question Four:
What spell does Snape perform on Lockhart in their demonstration to the Duelling Club?

Question Five:
On what creature does Professor Snape try out a concoction of Shrinking Solution?

Question Six:
The number of points taken away from Gryffindor when Professor Snape catches Harry with a library book outside of school; multiplied by the number of bottles included in Snape’s potion puzzle; minus the number of rolls of parchment Snape requests on werewolves.

Question Seven:
What colour is the handbag that 'Professor Boggart Snape' is holding after Neville casts Riddikulus at it?

To find out if you are, as Snape puts it, ‘an insufferable know-it-all’, you can view the answers below this selection of our favourite Snape fan art from the Pottermore Galleries:

- Severus Snape -

by EspinoOesed212

by MidnightQueen85

by LeviosaFrog14437

by BludgerRose27393

by ShadowJinx155

by FelicisMoonstone20347

by NewtFeather6650

by PotionMidnight4

Answers to the Snape Quiz question:

Answer One: Black

Answer Two: Tubeworms

Answer Three: Two

Answer Four: Expelliarmus (the Disarming Charm)

Answer Five: Neville’s toad, Trevor

Answer Six: 5x7-2 = 33

Answer Seven: Red (or crimson)