Monday, 12 November 2012

What makes you proud to be in Hufflepuff…

Our house pride week starts today and on the count down to the award of the upcoming Pottermore House Cup, we’re celebrating all the great and wonderful things about the houses of Hogwarts!

Today is our Hufflepuff day and we’re going to call out to all those who are Hufflepuff and proud, or who simply just admire Hufflepuff house.

We want to know what it is about Hufflepuff that makes it the best house for you – what things do you love about it?

Let us know by taking part in our poll. Vote for the thing that makes you proudest of Hufflepuff house:

If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, tweet and comment to us your #HousePride and #HufflepuffPride messages! We’re retweeting your messages throughout the week.