Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Further information on fair play on

We use various methods to limit the opportunities to unfairly earn house points on, the most visible of which is reCAPTCHA. However, we do limit these visible measures as some can disrupt the experience for users on older browsers and slower connections.

Recently we introduced a number of new behind the scenes measures to further limit the effectiveness of scripting and other unfair ways of earning house points. These additional measures instead look at the patterns of house point scoring, and can highlight unusual activity that may indicate automated rather than human point scoring. Every case of unusual behavior that is detected is reviewed by a member of the Pottermore Team and a decision taken on whether or not to deduct points.

Those who have points deducted receive an email from the Pottermore Team informing them that unusual activity was detected on their account. If you have received this email but feel that the point deduction was unwarranted, we encourage you to respond to the email. A member of the Pottermore Team will then review the case and if the information you provide, along with the usage information we collected, suggests the points may have been scored fairly, points will be reinstated.

We would like to thank those affected users who have already responded to the email. Your thoughts and feedback will help improve our monitoring as we continue our efforts to maintain the integrity of the House Cup so that it remains a fun and fair competition for all.