Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Your chance to ask J.K. Rowling – The Results

On October the 11th at 5pm BST (12pm ET/9am PT) J.K. Rowling will be answering questions about Harry Potter, including Pottermore, in a live webcast from Scholastic, the publisher of the print Harry Potter books in the USA.

Last week, we asked you to help us vote for one question about Pottermore that will be posed to J.K. Rowling in this upcoming webcast.

There were four questions to choose from and over 38,000 people voted for their favourite on the Pottermore Insider as well as our Facebook fan page. Today, we can reveal which is the winning one.

The question we will be asking J.K. Rowling at the webcast, as chosen by Pottermore fans, is:

'Which Pottermore house are you in?'

With 15,779 votes, this question narrowly beat out 'Which Harry Potter book are you most looking forward to seeing in Pottermore?', which received 15,043 votes.

Visit www.scholastic.com/hpreadingclub for more information on the live webcast, and we'll also remind you nearer the time here on the Insider to make sure you don’t miss the selected question and answer J.K. Rowling gives.