Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pottermore art: Diagon Alley

This week we take a peak at the artwork uploaded to Pottermore from Chapter Five, Diagon Alley.

We have included character illustrations of Cornelius Fudge, Doris Crockford, Griphook and Mr Ollivander, as well as delving into Diagon Alley and the Apothecary.

- Cornelius Fudge -

by FlightWombat148

- Doris Crockford -

by HeartElm85

- Griphook -

by StormHowl66

- Mr Ollivander -

by SickleVine15

by PotionDust205

by PhoenixCharm180

- Diagon Alley -

by SorcièreTriton114

by SilverChaser21

- Apothecary -

by ElmFloo56

by ShadowBlade64