Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pottermore art: The Vanishing Glass

Following our previous look at art inspired by Chapter One, this week we are showcasing images Pottermore users have posted to Chapter Two, The Vanishing Glass.

Below you can see illustrations inspired by Dudley and Vernon Dursley, and Mrs Figg, along with interpretations of the cupboard under the stairs and the zoo.

Next week art from Chapter Three,The Hut on the Rock, will be highlighted here on the Insider.

- Dudley Dursley -

by NifflerOak204

- Vernon Dursley -

by PumpkinMugwump106

by CentaurThestral12

- Mrs Figg -

by PhoenixHex14

- The cupboard under the stairs -

by JinxFirebolt97

by SpiritFeather81

- Zoo -

by ShadowAsh82

by FireboltHazel94