Friday, 5 August 2011

The Magical Quill registration for Days 1-6 has now closed

Days 1-6 of The Magical Quill challenge are now closed.

If you didn’t get to register today, don’t worry – you’ll have another chance to find The Magical Quill and register for early access tomorrow.

There’s more information about how The Magical Quill challenge works in our 7 books, 7 days, 7 chances blog post and in the Help section of

As there are a limited number of registration places available each day, we expect them to go very quickly. We won’t be announcing the arrival of a new clue on our Twitter account to ensure we don’t give an unfair advantage to Twitter users, but we will let you know, via @Pottermore and the Insider, once the maximum number of registrations for each day has been reached.

We expect a large number of people to try and solve The Magical Quill clues and enter the Pottermore early access registration process. This means that you may have to wait to access the Pottermore site pages. If this happens, please bear with us while we try and direct you to the correct page. If there are any serious access difficulties, we will update this blog with the relevant information.

We will also be varying the time each clue is revealed – as well as the difficulty of the clues – to give as many people as possible a chance to register for early access.

Please note that we will not be enabling early access to the site straight away. Once The Magical Quill challenge is over, we will send successful early access registrants a Welcome email, letting them know when they will be able to access Pottermore. We won’t be able to let everyone into the Beta site at the same time; you may have to wait a few weeks for your Welcome email to arrive

For more information, please visit our Help page.